Beautiful Smiles

Beautiful Smiles

Welcome to Beautiful Smiles—where kids are more than just our specialty. They’re our passion.

            From infancy through adolescence, Drs. Gregg Garcia, Drew Carlin, Andrew Kwasny and Steve Iszkula are here for all of your children’s dental and orthodontic needs. We look forward to providing your family with unparalleled, child-friendly dental care. After all, don’t your kids deserve the very best?


Beautiful Smiles would like to announce that we will be welcoming a new orthodontist to our practice. Beginning June 1st 2014, Dr. Steve Iszkula will be joining Dr. Kwasny to continue to provide quality orthodontic treatment for our patients.

We will also be moving to our new home on Zuck Road in Millcreek in the fall of 2014! This is an exciting time for our practice so stay tuned and we will keep you informed about these changes as the details become available.